198205, Russia, Sankt Peterburg,
Tallinskoe shosse, h. 198, build 2 (2-nd floor), room 205
phone +7 (812) 309-27-40

Our company has been around since 1993 in the Russian market.

  • Engineering(design) and production of hydraulic cylinders;
  • Sleeves, piston rods and seals for hydraulic cylinder production;
  • Hydraulic cylinder maintenance, broken sleeve/piston rod replacement;
  • Engineering(design) and production of hydraulics;
  • Mobile/industrial hydraulics of BOSCH REXROTH AG pneumatics;
  • Production and delivery of high-pressure hoses;
  • Sale and renting of vibratory pile drivers with hydraulic/electric drive;
  • Welding clamps and workpiece latching system for welding and assembling;
  • Vibratory pile driver’ production.

We offer the following services:

  • A unified family of hydraulic cylinders;
  • Hydraulic cylinders of any size as required by the client;
  • High-pressure hoses;
  • Engineering and production of hydraulic stations.

We sell the following products from our warehouse-factory:

  • honed tubes and chrome-plated piston rods for hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders;
  • Seals for pneumatics/hydraulics;
  • Pumps, distributors, filters, accessories for hydraulic stations.
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